General rules

– We remind you that the day of your departure you must leave your room before 12:00 am.
– In order to maintain a suitable environment for all clients, we ask you to maintain a civic coexistence and do not adopt behaviors that may disturb other guests, keep a low voice tone in common areas and rooms at all times, as well as not putting music at high volumes.
– To enter in the restaurant area, make sure you have a covered torso, wear dry clothing and for safety reasons always wear footwear.
– We remind you that for hygienic-sanitary reasons it is forbidden to eat and use glass containers in the solarium area.
– Please make sure you are dry when leaving the pool area, you cannot enter in any bar area or hotel interior wet.
– Out of respect for a smoke-free area, we remind you that smoking is totally prohibited in any common area of the hotel.
– We remind you that it is forbidden to hang towels or personal stuff on the balconies of the rooms.
– We remind you that any damage caused to the hotel facilities will require the payment of the it.
– Causing harassment to employees or hotel guests could be grounds for expulsion from the establishment.